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Brian: On the London Manx Society webpage,  your name was listed for Web-page ideas or new links of Manx interest.  I am the webmaster for the Washington DC Manx Society.  Our webpage is at, and has a links section that you are welcome to use as you wish in any of your websites.



Our web host has been having some intermittent outages recently, so if our site comes up as not found, please try later.  Thank you for all of the information that you have posted on the London Manx Society website and


Jim Kneale

Secretary, Washington DC Manx Society

Some Manx Genealogy information in the U.S.A.

For a picture of the Mona Relief Society stone see:

The Highland Park Cemetery was located in Warrensville township

(now part of Cleveland) and was formerly known as East Cemetery.

Manx Settlers in Ohio see:

Mona Relief Society see:

Donna Douglass    Manx home-page


USA web-sites of interest see:

Colonial Williamsburg

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