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  “ Isle of Man Squash Rackets Association ”

all you need to know about squash in the Isle of Man


 An online guide to the Isle of Man.

 Photographic "Images of an Island" by kind permission of Jon Wornham




“New “ Greetings from Port St Mary - Isle of Man  check out the web site as it will show you images of each month and also remind you of the wonderful scenic beauty of the Isle of Man.        

It could be St Paul’s Bookshop at see:

It could also be at the Lexicon Bookshop see:

 click here The Manxman is back.... By Hall Caine

for an introduction to Manx Genealogy by......... Frances Coakley

More web pages see:

  Peel Heritage Trust   web-site  email :

Manx Heritage see:    email :

email: births / marriages / deaths @ 

A site about Isle of Man Railways :

Peter Killey's  "Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Services see:



Manx TT and Manx Grand Prix  Races for latest TT news: also   and



Make a point of visiting the "Manx Museum " in Douglas . Their library is quite extensive and do give your selves plenty of time to browse and research. In the mean time here are some more Isle of Man web-sites to browse over.

Also my web pages at the Manx Bulletin Board is as follows:


London Manx Society  see :

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